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The most important element of any direct marketing campaign is to reach the right target audience. The creative and offer, however appealing, will not yield a positive ROI unless the correct decision maker in the right type of company for B2B offers, or the person with the most relevant behaviour and demographics are selected.

Since 2003 we have researched and supplied data lists and solutions for every market sector, across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

Our highly skilled team always achieves the best results for clients through an in-depth understanding of their product and campaign objectives. Any strategy we develop starts with an accurate interpretation and profiling of the target audience and a thorough knowledge of the most relevant lists and alternative media on the market.

We help our clients develop and retain existing client relationships and help them acquire new business prospects.

Over 175 clients each year trust us to help them gain more profitable customers utilising our data solutions. We have 100% client retention, so we must be doing something right!

Our approach

Regardless of the type and scale of the opportunity, our team of highly skilled data specialists approach client requirements through a proven process and consultation, ensuring we understand their exact, tangible and measurable objectives.
After we gain and agree an accurate interpretation of the client requirements we carry out extensive research and offer a range of suitable options and a logical rationale to substantiate our recommendations.
We work with clients as part of their extended marketing team, offering professional but impartial and independent advice and recommendations. The list and media choices will always be what is right for the client and will have no bearing on benefits to any particular list owner.
We pride ourselves on being totally impartial as we do not own data or “sell data” for any reason other than to meet the needs of our clients.

Other benefits

As one of the largest buyers of data in the industry, we have gained huge buying power with suppliers, and as such can, not only save valuable time for our clients by consolidating their list purchasing, but also pass on extensive cost savings to them. There is therefore every advantage for clients to engage with our team of Global data specialists.

List and data choices and availability

It is not always possible to reach the exact target audience through commercially available list and other media sources. We will set your expectation to a realistic level and offer suitable alternatives that are the nearest and in many cases the only way to reach the target audience.
We specialize in the provision of Business Lists across postal, telemarketing or email channels that are derived from specialist magazines, exhibitions and online directory or compiled sources. In addition we offer magazine and product dispatch inserts, door drops and online advertising.

Private prospect pools

Utilising our extensive experience of working with USA based companies; we were pioneers in creating private prospect pools for UK based companies to utilise for both UK and International marketing.
Private prospect pools are suitable for companies that mail large volumes on a frequent basis, and across a wide but relevant number of list and data sources. We aggregate multiple sources of data to create one combined database that can be selected based on a variety of common variables and modelled scoring.
The prospect pool concept can offer great advantages and cost savings over traditional single campaign builds.

Compliance and quality

We are members of the UK Data and Marketing Association (DMA) and always ensure that we supply lists and data sources that are compliant with legislation for both UK and International campaigns.

International solutions

Much of our expertise was originally gained, over the past 25 years, through launching USA based companies into Europe and Asia Pacific. These are all now highly recognised Global brands and we are proud to still support many of them directly and also at a local country level.
As companies expand their business beyond their home territories we have seen a major increase in the requirement for International data and solutions, meaning that now over 80% of our business supports that market.
We have access to all Global, Pan-European and local country lists and data sources and we have an extensive knowledge of both their quality and suitability for our client’s campaigns.
Access marketing statistics to support specific market entry per country via our UK based team, as well our team of local country- based experts across the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific.
We are formal UK partners of the largest European business database provider and the global Online data solution.

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