To kick off series 2 we had the pleasure of chatting with Ian Hughes. Not only did he share his thoughts and experiences on 2020 and what that means to him in terms of focus on cultures and values, but his career and what he has learnt along the way.

We also chat with Ian about the future and how he see a brand’s cultures and their values for being even more important after the year we have had. Not only does he share knowledge on what that means as CEO of Consumer Intelligence, but the lessons for any organisation – be those in the financial services markets that he knows so well and cites throughout, or further afield.

A great way to kick off series 2 of What We’ve Learnt.

Recorded in one take, unedited and via Skype (the perfect tool for social distancing!) we’d love to hear what you think.

As ever, we’d love to get others involved in future episodes – either your questions, ideas for topics or even as a guest.

Have a listen…

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