This week we had the pleasure of chatting with Lawrence Mitchell. A well known figure in not just the world of B2B marketing, where he spent a large chunk of his career, but more commonly these days in the world of wellbeing.

Lawrence is the Founder and CWO at RAW Energy, and former Chief Customer Officer of SumoSalad and Chief Marketing & Wellbeing Officer of RELX Risk & Analytics.
As we hear in this episode, after some health challenges in his early 20’s, Lawrence became aware of the power of food and lifestyle choices to not only heal the body and mind, but to build resilience and enable high performance.

He now helps coach and advise leaders, individuals and whole organisations on how to find their balance and equilibrium – an incredibly relevant and important focus for such changeable and stressful times.

Lawrence perfectly blends the two worlds – business and mindfulness and his thoughts and ideas are inspiring. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him, a session that leads on so neatly from our first episode of last week, where we talked about cultures and values.

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