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Vantage Clever acquired by IMG

Intermedia Global (IMG), data marketing and campaigning experts, merge itself with Vantage Clever, leading marketing technology consultancy to become the ultimate marketing trifecta. Times are ever-changing and with that, organisations…
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Martechonomics – Applying economic thinking to your MarTech strategy

After many years of using, abusing, buying, advising, and even selling marketing technology, I’ve concluded that the difference between success and failure is rarely little to do with the technology…
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Unlock new opportunities by re-energising ABM

Over the past few years, Account Based Marketing or ABM has become a go-to approach for B2B marketers and is today an essential tool in any marketing strategy. A successful…
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Will your marketing be sustainable in 2022?

In 2021 many organisations publicly made promises around sustainability and carbon neutrality goals and this trend will no doubt continue through 2022. While marketers need to be careful not to…
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The Events Horizon: Balancing the Digital Equilibrium in 2022

Without digital capabilities, many businesses wouldn’t have been able to survive – and continue to survive – the pandemic. Of course, the pandemic has left its mark and it’s unlikely…
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Deep dive data quality and quantity in readiness for 2022

Deep dive data quality and quantity in readiness for 2022 It’s not new news: data is a must-have tool for future success, with past trends informing future sales activities, and…
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Critique your content marketing and get planning for 2022

Marketing planning for 2022? The events that unfolded in recent years mean that marketing planning can’t be the same as it was in previous years. You can’t revert to the…
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Are your sales and marketing teams aligned for success in 2022?

Not another sales and marketing alignment blog I hear you say? But wait, things are different, our lives and work circumstances have all changed. Sales and marketing have changed too…
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Interview: Let’s Talk Strategy with Steve Kemish

Our CEO, Steve Kemish, was one of the experts who contributed to the brilliant book "Marketing Strategy: Overcome Common Pitfalls and Create Effective Marketing" Published this year, the author Jenna…
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The 7 key focus areas for your marketing in 2022?

With 2022 coming on to the horizon, our insights and planning team have been researching keys areas that will make a difference to marketing in the year ahead, based on…
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Why your content might now be too easy to read

One of the things we do a lot of at IMG is create content. We create a lot of it. For us but mostly for clients. “Content” is a funny…

Tackling 100km for charity

100Km Thames Path Challenge for the MS Society Our very own Steve Kemish is taking on an epic challenge for charity this weekend. Steve and his good friend, John (who was diagnosed…

Supporting our friends at Challenge 51

Filming the Challenge 51 Beach Ball As well as being guests at the recent Challenge 51 Beach Ball, we were also there to capture the night – working on a…

WWL: Series 3 Episode 10

What better way to wrap up this series of WWL than going back to where it started? We pick some of our favourite rules from Wine Bar Theory - the…

WWL: Series 3 Episode 9

A chance to hear from the brilliant Richard Fitzmaurice this week.Richard shares his experiences on leading a high-performing team and how surrounding yourself with talent is so key to success.…

WWL: Series 3 Episode 8

We chat with the brilliant Gemma Davies. She now resides in California, working at ServiceNow as Senior Director, Head of Global ABM & CXO Engagement. Gemma is a well known…